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Do dragons really exist?

From Katie, 9, Homasassa

I don't know if they exist but I think
they do exist.

From FallenAngel, 12, Brighton

In my opinion dragons exist in a deserted island, uninhabitable for humans. They are masters of disgiuse and can only be seen by those who truly believe they are real. To those people who dont think they exist think where would the detailed stories and descriptions have come from. I think saying that dragons don't exist just because the bible doesn't mention them is silly. They might not have been discovered untill ages ago.
To the clever jasmine, 10, Canada I agree with you but where do you think the komodo dragons descended from if weren't other, larger dragons. These could have been possibly winged or otherwise.

From Philippine, 11, Adliya, Bahrain

Honestly do dragons really exist?
Be honest and don' talk about the fake ones at the cinema!
I think they don't exist. If they do where do they live? What do they eat? Where do they hide?

From Jade, 11, Bilston, UK

I think that dragons did exist but I haven't seen one before but I think this is how I think dragons died by like what's happened in Asia and thats how I think dragons died.

From Arielle, 12, Camp Lejeune

I think that there are other dimensions in our very large world and that they can exist in one sense.

From Susan, 9, Washington, US

I think of dragons like spirits because in some minds dragons soar and roam far but in others they are locked up in a chest with all their childish thoughts. Is what you think of true or not? I think dragons exist in the people that believe in them and if more people don't start believing in them they will surely perish from this place and go on to a world where they are real. Just because the bible didn't talk of them doesn't mean they don't exist!

From Luke, 12, Victoria, Australia

I think dragons do exist because to this day more and more fossils are being discovered that are less then ten years old. I read this book about dragons this book proves everything the title: Dragonology the complete book of dragons by Dr. ernest drake.

From Chris, 12, England

So all you people have still not thought out the facts properly . Listen to this i belive dragons exist here's my theory pieced together from many bits of ideas. Dragons were created before humans and ruled the earth for millions of years then we evolved and the dragons decided it was their duty to protect man but as man evolved it became afraid of dragons so man decided to kill off their protectors but the dragons did not go down so easily. They have two glands in their mouth one producing a petrol like substance and another gland for kind of lighting the fuse they also have a much greater knowledge than us and super senses including telepathy. Many knights were commisioned to dispose of the dragons but only the pure of heart were spared. Those who were spared were spirited away and taught the knowledge of dragons in the hope that they may be able to change the stubborn minds of our ancestors. These people were known as wizards, holy men, monks, shamens and prophets. The most sucsessful were the monks who atracted great bands of followers. Other successful people may have been Arthur and Merlin, Jesus and maybe even Leonardo Da Vinci. You see all the great people of the distant history may have met dragons. Anyway that's just my view.

From Brandon, 8, Camarillo,California, US

I don't think that dragons exist. So do they?

From Sian, 11, Croydon, England

Okay, this is what I think. People can believe in something or they cannot. No one can force another person to believe something. Not even hypnosis can do that. Sometimes, really scared or nasty or angry people force themselves to believe or not believe something. So, no matter how convincing I make this, someone who reads this will just not believe. It's just going to happen.
But this is what I think. Actually, this is what I KNOW. Beacuse, when I was in America a few years ago, I actually saw a dragon. I have no idea what kind he/she was, but they were very beautiful.
I have read alot of books, talked to alot of people, etc. Dragons breathe fire because thier venom (located in pouches above thier fangs) is highly flammable. Under thier tongues is another pouch, which contains a piece of flint. The mother dragons insert this flint into this pouch when the dragon is fairly young. SO, when a dragon clicks its tongue, the flint produces a spark. At the same time, the dragon bites down. Now, the dragon has a flame in its mouth. It has to get rid of it or it will be burned. It pretty much blows it out of the mouth.
Many people click their tongues when they are scared. Alot of animals bite down when they are frightened. As dragons are highly intelligent, much more so than humans, but they are still fairly...animal like...they do both. So, if a knight was coming, coming to kill a dragon, the dragon would produce flame. So, the many (if any) people who were burned were probably burned by accident.

From Bob, 13, California, US

Dragons are Cool!

From Charlotte, 11, England

I think they might have existed but only in China because these days there's a lizard called the Chinese dragon and it can't breathe fire, it can't fly because it hasn't got wings and I KNOW it's a real thing.

From Brittanie, 10, Colorado Springs, Colorado, US

I am wondering do dragons exist.
I'm thinking 'yes indeed', because in the middle ages they belived in dragons as a sin. I also think 'no way', because we in 2004 think dragons are only in fairy tales. Do dragons exist? Some people think no, but others think yes. Do they or not.

From Hannah, 11, Penistone, Yorkshire, UK

My name is Hannah and I think dragons didn't exist because in the olden times they made lots of stories up and I think someone decided to make an animal called a dragon up.

From Alyssa, 8, Ayr

Dragons don't exist.

From Taylour, 10, Cedar Park, Texas United States

I don't think that Dragons exist I mean do we have any proof that they still exist, but I'm not so sure that we have proof that they don't exist so once you think about it there could be dragons on the other side of the world or under ground or who knows where. My beliefs could be wrong but I very much doubt it.

From Sarah, 13, California, US

I think dragons did exist.

From Ally, 13,

Dragons are mentioned several times in the bible. Check out: Nemehiah 2:13.
I beleive dragons once existed and may continue to exist. For my English persuasive speech oral I am talking about the existence of these creatures greatly favoured by me.

From Victoria, 11, Pamlico County, North Carolina, US

I don't think that dragons exist because they were not menchined in the bible.

From Katie, 11, Pamlico County, North Carolina, US

Do dragons really exist? Because I don't think they do or did.

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